Michael Fassbender Could Be Steve Jobs For Danny Boyle

When Aaron Sorkin revealed that his Steve Jobs script, which will be directed by Danny Boyle, features Jobs in pretty much every frame of the movie, we started to think about the movie in new terms. Clearly a film with a Sorkin script that has attracted directors such as David Fincher and Danny Boyle is likely to be a showcase for whatever actor takes the job. But putting that star in every frame requires an even deeper level of commitment. And now it seems like Michael Fassbender might be Steve Jobs for Boyle and Sorkin. 

Christian Bale was the second major actor to be loosely attached to the film in the past year; he became part of the picture after Leonardo DiCaprio pulled back from it. And in the wake of Bale's departure from the role (which took place because he decided he wasn't right for it) there has been talk that he was never all that solidly attached in the first place. But Sorkin had been happy enough to talk about Bale "crushing" the role.

Now Deadline has one report about Fassbender and approaches the idea with caution, while Variety is more definitively ready to say that Fassbender is in talks for the role. We've heard that Seth Rogen could play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, but that could be subject to change, too.

So we're waiting for a deal to be signed. In the meantime nothing else has changed. The script is based on the Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, and is built in three big sequences oriented towards three major product launches. Sorkin has explained "The first one [is] the Mac, the second one being NeXT, after he had left Apple. And the third one being the iPod."

Michael Fassbender Steve Jobs