C3PO Actor Suggests 'Star Wars Episode 7' Might End Up Being A Better Sequel Than 'Empire Strikes Back'

Anthony Daniels, the actor who has played the famous droid C3-PO in all of the Star Wars movies including the upcoming seventh film, took to twitter to make a bold claim. Could JJ Abrams' Star Wars Episode VII end up being the best movie sequel ever made, even better than Empire Strikes Back? Hit the jump to see Daniels comments.Anthony Daniels

Anthony Daniels tweeted:

""No movie sequel is better than The Empire Strikes Back." You might eat those words for Xmas dinner in 2015. Joy & Indigestion to the world!"

And of course he suggesting that you will probably have seen JJ Abrams' Star Wars Episode 7 by the time you're sitting down for Christmas dinner, as the film hits theaters on December 18th 2015.

Now before we get too excited, we must put this into context — this is the star of a movie hyping up the next movie he is starring in, days after production has wrapped and a good 10 months or so before he will even see a first cut of the movie. But yes, someone involved having such high hopes still makes us excited.

How excited am I for Episode 7? Over the weekend I found a new iPhone app to remind me just how much longer we have to wait via a small widget in notification center:


For those interested, the app is called countdowns, and you can set any date and time to have it count down to. And for those not interested in Episode 7, I apologize, you're going to be subjected to my excitement for the next 13 months.