'Fantastic Mr. Foxcatcher' Trailer Makes Things Weird For Wes Anderson's Animated Film

Foxcatcher is getting a lot of attention for its tone, its performances, and Steve Carell's nose. But that title proved to be irresistable for one editor, and now we can show you something that was probably inevitable. Fantastic Mr. Foxcatcher is exactly what you think it might be: a mash-up of the trailers for Foxcatcher and Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox. Specifically, it uses the audio from the new film with the images of Anderson's movie. Some parts work better than others, but the bits that do work are, well, fantastic.

Fantastic Mr. Foxcatcher

HitFix points us to this video, so thanks to them for making some of the Fantastic Mr. Fox footage even more weird in our minds than it was to begin with.