Have 'Back To The Future' Questions For Christopher Lloyd? Ask Them Here!

/Film readers, you've been recruited. The producer and director of a new Back to the Future documentary, Back in Time, have asked for your help. They're well into production on a documentary about the history of Back to the Future and the long-lasting effect the film has had on popular culture. However, the twist is the film is being told through the eyes of the film's third star: The DeLorean.

Director Jason Aron and producers Louis Krubich and Lee Leshen have traveled all over talking to people inspired by the film, many of whom own DeLoreans, and the next up is one of their biggest yet: Doctor Emmet Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd. Aron has created a video specifically for the /Film readers asking for questions they can ask Lloyd. Then, sometime in the future, we'll be able to post his answers, even if they don't make it into the final film.

Below, give us your best Christopher Lloyd question in the comments, check out some production stills from Back in Time and read more about the film.

First up, here's the video from Aron:

So again, put those questions in the comments below.

Here's some more general information on the film followed by a few stills as well. We'll have much more on Back in Time as it gets closer to completion:

Three decades after the Back to the Future franchise launched, a visionary project aims to examine the iconic movies' impact on its global audience from the viewpoint of the star: the time machine itself, the DeLorean.

The cultural influence of the movies is the main element Director Jason Aron and his partners want to examine. With regular references to phrases like "88 miles per hour," "1.21 gigawatts," "flux capacitor," and many, many more having crept into the vernacular, the films have clearly had a lasting impact on modern pop culture. The documentary will look at how the franchise has inspired the fans, and how it's impacted and changed peoples' lives. Throughout production so far, the team has met and interviewed cast, production crew, and fans on two continents, and will continue to examine the depth and breadth of the ripples caused by the films over the coming months.

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