'Big Hero 6' Directors Tease Marvel Easter Eggs And A Post-Credits Scene

While lots of the early November movie buzz has been about Interstellar, definitely start looking forward to Big Hero 6. It's an action-packed delight. A wonderful blend of superhero origin story and buddy movie with a big giant heart.

In the film, Hiro and his brother's robot Baymax, form a superhero team to try and stop a rising super-villain. And while most of the marketing and hype has been about the admittedly awesome Baymax, the other four characters are really fantastic too. In particular, TJ Miller as Fred, a stoner comic book geek with a Bruce Wayne-sized secret, is one film fans are sure to latch onto.

During one scene in particular, the whole team visits Fred's room and it's geek nirvana. Shelves and shelves of toys, books, collectibles and more. And when I asked directors Don Hall and Chris Williams about it, they confirmed this is one scene fans are really going to want to keep an eye on because it's filled with Disney and Marvel references.

Below, read our conversation about Fred's Easter Egg filled room and why you need to stay through the credits starting on November 7.

First up, though it doesn't have one in the press screenings, Williams confirmed to me that like other Marvel movies before it, Big Hero 6 will have a post credits scene on November 7.

Now onto the Big Hero 6 easter eggs. Here's an excerpt from our interview. We'll have more closer to release and after, because I talked mostly about spoiler stuff.

/Film: Fred's room. As a geek, you walk into Fred's room and it was awesome. You immediately want the DVD so you can pause it. However it seemed like everything was sort of nondescript on purpose probably because the film is in this other world.Chris Williams: But there's some things.Don Hall: There's some things.Can you give me some examples?Williams: Well, I will say we generally have a lot of Easter eggs in this movie to the point that we had to really tell our artists to knock it off. Because, you know, everyone wants to place stuff. We grew up loving Marvel movies. We, of course, grew up loving animated movies. And now we have a potential to sort of place these things. But it got to the point where Don and I are feeling like this is getting to be too much, too distracting. So we stopped them and then actually pulled a couple things out.Hall: Marvel was actually pretty cool and gave us like the, you know, the nod to put a few...Williams: Very obscure.Hall: I would say Z level characters in the movie. As little Easter eggs. And they're in Fred's room. So it might be a good place to look.Plus, you're watching a Disney movie. You guys own Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. Could you have thrown the Millennium Falcon in there?Williams: We were trying to keep the world separate. You know what I mean? Like we tried to not do too many references to our world.Hall: Right.Williams: But at the same time, we did have a lot of references to Disney animated movies and Marvel movies.

What are those references? We'll have to wait until November 7 to find out for sure. That's when Big Hero 6 opens. We'll have more soon.