Star Wars Bits: Episode VII Vehicle Talk, 'Rebels' Easter Eggs, Daniel Radcliffe And Tarkin

A man walks in the woods and sees a scene from Star Wars Episode VII. Fact or fiction? Read about it, and the stories below, in this edition of Star Wars Bits.

  • Rumored descriptions of vehicles in Star Wars Episode VII.
  • A man walking near Pinewood Studios said he heard and saw J.J. Abrams filming a scene.
  • Daniel Radcliffe visited the set of Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Watch the official sneak of Darth Vader's Star Wars Rebels cameo.
  • Listen to Dave Filoni talks Star Wars Rebels for 15 minutes.
  • Read some excerpts from Star Wars: Tarkin by James Luceno.
  • A Star Wars helmet showed up on Antiques Roadshow.
  • See the Skywalker cameo in Star Wars Rebels.
  • What happened to the Tie Fighter In Star Wars Rebels "Fighter Flight?"
  • Header image: Skottie Young's interlocking variant covers to the three new Marvel Star Wars comics. 

    The Star Wars Episode VII ship descriptions might be considered spoilers, so head to the bottom of this post to read about them. Less of a spoiler is a report from Making Star Wars by a man who was walking in a park near Pinewood Studios. According to this man, he heard and saw a scene from Episode VII being shot. It featured Stormtroopers, Han Solo, Chewbacca and more. Whether or not this actually happened (would security really be that lax?) is up for debate, but it's a fun speculative read nevertheless.

    Don't get your hopes up for a Harry Potter Star Wars cameo, but Daniel Radcliffe is the latest star to visit the set of Star Wars Episode VII. Speaking to ITV (via SW7News) Radcliffe confirmed he visited the set, but just to visit friends who helped on the production of the eight Harry Potter films:

    I was so excited, 'cause I literally just watched the original Star Wars movies very recently, so I was like a new fan going on set. But I got to meet Harrison Ford and have a chat, and he was lovely. It was great.

    Most people would be excited about seeing the Star Wars set but I went out because all my friends were working there 'cause it's the Potter crew, they've basically just moved onto that, so I was going to see all of them.

    The official Star Wars You Tube uploaded the tease of Darth Vader appearing on Star Wars Rebels when it re-airs on ABC Sunday.

    Star Wars Underworld posted a long video of Dave Filoni talking about Star Wars Rebels at a conference in Cannes. It's a good long chunk about the overall saga, so head there to watch.

    The site also ran a few excerpts from Star Wars: Tarkin by James Luceno. Short, quick bits meant to get you interested in the novel which comes out in two weeks.

    Someone on a recent episode of the Antiques Roadshow had a helmet. A black helmet. A black TIE Fighter helmet, one of 12 used in the production of the original Star Wars. And it was valued at around 50,000 pounds. Read more at Gamma Squad.

    In Monday's episode of Star Wars Rebels, Fighter Flight, there was a Skywalker cameo. Sort of. The old man who knew Ezra looked very much like General Luke Skywalker from The Star Wars, the original script that got turned into a comic book. MTV made the connection and posted some images.

    Speaking of Fighter Flight, Making Star Wars pointed out this image from the Rebels Facebook that answers a question from the end of the episode. I'll keep it vague in case you haven't watched yet

    Fighter Flight Rebels

    Finally, Making Star Wars has a few new articles up describing what they believe are vehicles in Star Wars Episode VII. Even their rumored names could be considered spoilers so, step away if you are staying fresh.


    First, the site describes a possible new ship referred to as a V Wing:

    The ship is grey, "V" shaped, two engines on both sides of the canopy with two short wings that have tiny fins on them. An Artoo sits behind the pilot. Like all the ships talked about so far, the ship is letter-shaped, grey with yellow and red paint. The ship is also very weathered and "lived in" so to speak.

    Now, just because this description is out there, does that mean this ship is in the movie? No. It could have just been a concept that got rejected, but read more at the link.

    The site also goes on to detail how some of the new X-Wing fighters might function differently than the traditional ones. In particular, there's a cool idea that all the wings go up, making the ship look less like and X and more like a W. Or, like an eagle attacking. Read the rumored description here.