Simon Kinberg Explains The Delay Of 'Fantastic Four' Promotion

2015 is so packed with big movies, getting any one to stand out is important. Films like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic World and Terminator Genisys have all released information and a photo or two to whet the fan appetites. Even Star Wars Episode VII put out very cryptic videos teasing returning vehicles and characters. The one film that has yet to release any images, and has so far avoided all conventions and other public appearances, is Josh Trank's Fantastic Four. It's currently the most mysterious blockbuster of 2015.

The lack of early promotion has been quite a point of contention online. Some love being in the dark about a movie. It's a breath of fresh air in today's mainstream film culture. For others, the lack of awareness is worrisome. More than almost any of the other films mentioned, Fantastic Four has been under a microscope and some kind of information for fans would help to drive the conversation and alleviate worries.

As fans continue to debate the timing of Fantastic Four images or footage, it will eventually happen. We'll get a reveal of the suits, a poster, some images, then eventually a trailer and more leading up to the film's release on August 7, 2015.

The film's producer and writer, Simon Kinberg, is aware of this debate and in a new interview explained why there's been a hesitance to reveal anything from the film too early. Read his Fantastic Four reboot quotes below.

Kinberg spoke to Comic Book about when we'll see something from the Fantastic Four reboot:

I don't, actually [know when we'll reveal something.] We're putting it together now, and one of the important things, because this Fantastic Four is a reboot, and is such a different tonality and vibe from those other films, we want to make sure that the first thing we put out really expresses the voice of the movie, and isn't compromised by not having visual effects ready, or anything like that.

I don't actually know when it's coming out, but I've seen all the footage from the movie. I was there for pretty much the whole shoot. It is a very different film from the others, and one that I think is very different from other superhero movies. It's a very emotional, character-driven, more grounded film than I think people are anticipating.

It would be great to elaborate on that but, until we see something, it will be hard to know what he means by the film being so "different." This does confirm, though, they aren't holding back footage or images to be mysterious, ala Christopher Nolan. They just very carefully calling their first shot.

While there's still plenty of time to direct the conversation about the film, I really hope we see something soon. Even if it's just an image of the team. We don't know what this film is yet and with the prevalent attitude on the internet being pessimism, some kind of bone for the fans could gain goodwill for the film.

What do you think? Do you hope to see something soon? Or are you enjoying being in the dark?