First Look At Unofficial 'Dredd' Spinoff Web Series 'Superfiend' [Updated With Video]

We've got some more info on the "bootleg" Dredd spin-off web series, and it turns out to be not quite what you were expecting. Producer Adi Shankar helped make Dredd, and he has also been behind the creation of a couple unofficial short films featuring Marvel comics characters such as the Punisher and Venom. So the concept of Shankar backing an unofficial Dredd spin-off series featuring the diabolical Dark Judges (a small group which counts heavy hitters such as Death and Fear as members) it was easy to assume we'd see a certain sort of web series.

In fact, the Dredd spin-off featuring the Dark Judges is called Superfiend, and it is animated. The series premieres later this month, but we have a poster and the first images below.

Update: A brief trailer has also been released, which you can see below.

The poster and pics come, as you can probably tell, from EW.

As the poster shows us, the series was written and directed by Luis Pelayo Junquera and Enol Junquera, and stars Marc Graue, Darin De Paul, Stephanie Sheh, Michelle Ruff, Jesse Snider, Roger Rose, and Jane Dashow. So that means no Karl Urban, for those who hoped he might show up. In fact, the whole form of this series is considerably different from what Shankar's previous bootleg shorts led people to expect. But if you were wondering how a Dark Judges story could be done on a budget this is one answer. 

Here's the traditional concept of the Dark Judges, as seen in early Judge Dredd comics.

dredd dark judgesUpdate: Here's a brief teaser trailer. Though the style isn't what I first expected, I really like the energy of this teaser, and the fast and loose animation style.

Here's the Judge Dredd Superfiend poster.