Robert Downey Jr. Took Home The 'Avengers' 'A' After Asking For It As A Joke

It's not unheard of for actors to take home souvenirs from their projects — whether by stealing props from the set, buying them from the production company, or receiving them as gifts. But Robert Downey Jr.'s memento from The Avengers definitely ranks up there in terms of uniqueness.

Downey reportedly received the 30-foot-tall "A" from the Stark Tower shot at the end of the 2012 movie, after asking for it as a joke. Guess he's never heard of the saying "Be careful what you wish for." Hit the jump for more on the Robert Downey Jr Avengers A.

On the last Avengers, there's this scene where there's this 'A' which is probably 30 feet tall, and I'm looking at it, and we're shooting in England, and I go, 'I need that in my office in Venice.' About two weeks ago, a wheeler showed up, I'm like, 'What the heck is this doing here?' " he said. "And they go, 'This is the 'A' you asked for.' And I go, 'They brought it?' So now we have a massive Avengers 'A' that will be prominently placed.

By most standards, that's a pretty lavish gift. Few of us normals probably even have the space to store such a thing, let alone the means to properly display it. But Downey is not one of us. He made $50 million on The Avengers. If he doesn't already have a building to put it on, he can use that money to go out and buy one. It should also go great with the six-foot-tall, remote-controlled Iron Man figure Downey already owns.

Really, Downey seems to be at a point in his Marvel Cinematic Universe career where he basically gets whatever he wants. Remember, he almost got written out of Captain America 3 entirely before he and his team successfully negotiated a deal that included a bigger role, $40 million, and backend pay, plus another bonus if Captain America 3 outperforms Captain America 2. Compared to that, a 30-foot-tall prop is chump change.

In contrast, when poor Ben Affleck asked to keep a certain prop from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he was swiftly shot down. "So I asked them, like, 'What about maybe taking the suit home at the end of the thing?'" he recalled on Live! With Kelly and Michael (via THR). "And they're like, 'For $100,000 you can.' I was like, 'Maybe I'll just take a picture.'"

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