Star Wars Bits: Episode VII 3 Weeks From Completion, How Many Movies Are Coming? Plus Posters, Rumors, Rebels

The circle is now complete. In three weeks, J.J. Abrams will be done with principal photography on Star Wars Episode VII. In this edition of Star Wars Bits read about that milestone, and get info on the following items:

  • The new London ILM president suggests we'll only get six Star Wars movies over the next ten years.
  • Could Darth Bane be the villain of Star Wars Episode VII?
  • John Boyega tweets a very curious image of an R2 unit.
  • Star Wars Rebels set a ratings record on Disney XD.
  • Read the titles and credits for Star Wars Rebels episodes 7 and 10.
  • Star Wars Rebels character Zare Leonis is NOT John Boyega's Star Wars Episode VII character.
  • Get $190 worth of Star Wars comics for whatever price you want to pay.
  • Speaking at the opening of their new London Industrial Light and Magic, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy offered an update on the production of Star Wars Episode VII. Variety was on the scene:

    We are standing here within three weeks of finishing 'Episode VII. This continues a long tradition of filming 'Star Wars' in London, going back to 1976. It is remarkable this all came together in less than two years. 'Star Wars' is filmmaking that inspires technical excellence.

    In the same article, they talk to the president of the new ILM office, Lynwen Brennan, who talked about job security six Star Wars movies in 10 years gives everyone. Now, we'd heard the plan was a Star Wars movie per year starting in 2015. Does this mean things have already been scaled back? We've reached out to Lucasfilm for confirmation on this point but it means one of three things:

  • The plan for a movie per year starting in 2015 has been scaled back to give each film more time.
  • The years before the release of Star Wars Episode VII are being counted in the ten.
  • Lucasfilm hasn't committed to any movies after the next six, being Episodes 7, 8, 9, the Gareth Edwards spin-off, the Josh Trank spin-off and one more. Anything after that is still up for discussion.
  • I'm leaning towards number three but, it's worth thinking about.

    Also – that new ILM office has one of Olly Moss's Star Wars poster up as an image:

    We still have no idea who is playing, or the name, of the bad guy (or guys/girls) in Star Wars Episode VII. A rumored description recently revealed some details and Star Wars 7 News has a pretty interesting argument that Darth Bane, a character from the Expanded Universe, could be the villain in the film. There's a distinct effort to avoid the EU, which goes against the idea, but he appeared in The Clone Wars, so he's canon. It's an fun theory.

    This beautiful 24 x 36 inch screenprint by Chris Skinner is currently on sale at the Hero Complex Gallery. It's a timed release through October 22 so anyone can get it. Click here for more info and to order.

    Chris Skinner FalconJohn Boyega may not be on Twitter anymore, but he is on Instagram and he just put up this image. I have no idea what the emblem says, but that's obviously the point. Very curious.



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    Though it premiered with a mini-movie, this week's episode of Star Wars Rebels was technically considered the premiere. And it did great. Over 1 million people watched the show on Disney XD, making it the biggest series debut in that network's history.

    The new issue of Star Wars Insider, via Making Star Wars, has the titles and credits for the seventh through tenth episodes of Star Wars Rebels. Nothing super surprising or revealing there but worth reading.

    One of the characters we'll soon meet in Star Wars Rebels is Zare Leonis, a young, black Stormtrooper in training. Many suggested this meant he was somehow related to John Boyega's Star Wars Episode VII character (who is also black and, potentially, a stormtrooper). Well, a new article on about Zare, and how he fits into a new series of novels, pretty much settles that argument. He's a totally separate character whose backstory was primarily created by author Jason Fry. Here's an image of one of the novels, head there for more.

    Star Wars Rebels Servents Book

    Finally, this is super cool. Humble is offering an insane bundle of Star Wars comic books for whatever price you want to pay. Head there to pick it up.