'Interstellar' Has Over An Hour Of IMAX Footage; See Eight New Photos

We're inching closer and closer to seeing Interstellar. Christopher Nolan's latest film, about a space journey undertaken to save the Earth, hits theaters with film-projection capabilities on November 5 and all the others November 7. I think most of us have gotten to the point where we've gone dark on the movie, preferring to experience the whole thing in the theater. And with a Christopher Nolan movie, that's pretty easy. There really isn't a lot of information or images out there.

However, some new stuff from both columns A and B have hit the net today. On the information side, we've learned that the near-three-hour film has more than an hour of IMAX footage. That's a jump up from Nolan's last film, The Dark Knight Rises. On the image side, eight new images have been released thanks to an Entertainment Weekly cover story. Read more about the Interstellar IMAX footage and check out the new images and commercials below. 

The IMAX news comes from the EW story, which is excerpted at that link. There, Nolan talks about the experience of Interstellar, which definitely relates to the hour-plus of IMAX footage:

This is the first film I have made where the actual experience of the film is paramount to the audience. You would think that's the case with Batman movies but it's not; they're more dependent on the reaction of characters on screen. Interstellar is different. It harkens back to the direct experience films of 2001, where you're not just experiencing it through the characters, you are lost in it.

If you want to know about Interstellar opening early, where to see it and how to get tickets, you should find this link useful.

Next up, The Film Stage found a bunch of new images from the film, which you can see here.

Also, a bunch of new TV spots have been hitting television. I can't tell you if there's any new footage in these because, frankly, I'm not going to watch them. But don't let me change your mind. Check them out.