VOTD: 'The Walking Dead' Recapped In 9 Minutes

The fifth season of The Walking Dead premiered on Sunday and the sixth season is already locked in. If you aren't already watching, now is a pretty great time to start. However, what to do about catching up? Do you really have time to watch four seasons of zombie killing, family losing, throat ripping, prison breaking, human sacrificing, head cutting and so much more? If you do, that's probably the best bet. But if you don't, the always funny Fine Bros. have recapped the first four seasons of The Walking Dead in 9 minutes. Plus, they do it in one take. Check out the helpful and funny Walking Dead recap video below.

Thanks to The Fine Bros for the Walking Dead recap video. Beware though. If you haven't watched the first four seasons of The Walking Dead, this literally spoils everything.

The Walking Dead Recap Video