LOL: 'SNL' Takes On Dystopian YA With 'The Group Hopper'

2014 has brought us no fewer than three major dystopian YA adventures (Divergent, The Giver, and The Maze Runner), with one more (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1) still on the way. That adds up to about eight hours of watching fake teenagers run around uncovering conspiracies.

So why not save yourself some time and watch Saturday Night Live's The Group Hopper, which essentially mashes up all four of those and then some? It even includes a weird Effie Trinket / President Snow combination, played by SNL alum Bill Hader. Watch the SNL Group Hopper "trailer" after the jump.


SNL freshman Pete Davidson plays Zero, a plucky young Chosen One type living in a world where young people are forced into different categories — the Emotionals, the Foodies, the Hasidics, and, naturally, Gryffindor. Only Zero has the courage to stand up to the system. Because that's his special power: "Put him in a group, and he'll hop his ass right out."

Every trope you know and love from the dystopian YA adventure subgenre is here. There's an ancient prophecy, an awkward romance, and many, many scenes of people gravely tossing around made-up words. ("You can only kill a Lurkie with a Zoomerang!") Everyone's clad in dirty cotton basics, and they're constantly throwing military duffle bags at one another. And of course, there are explosions.

Zero may be the Chosen One, but we're more inclined to side with Bill Hader's king ("or queen, we'll figure it out") when he (or she) says: "You are all the same, there's nothing special or unique about any of you."

Of course, the one thing The Group Hopper doesn't have going for it is that so far, it's only a one-parter. If SNL really wants to go the distance, they'll have to make at least three more Group Hopper sequels, with the last two labeled "Part 1" and "Part 2." But maybe that's coming next year.