LOL: Kevin Smith Wants Steven Spielberg To Make His 'Jaws' Sequel Concept

What I've always loved about Kevin Smith is that he's a fan. First and foremost, Smith loves movies and that's why he always infuses his films with so much of that. At first is was totally blatant, like the references in Clerks or Mallrats. Now it's a bit more subtle, such as borrowing storytelling techniques from Quentin Tarantino in Tusk. Either way, if you want to talk about movies, there are few people better.

In a new interview, Smith is asked about his new movie Moose Jaws. It's a film he plans on making sometime in the next year which would be like Jaws, but with a moose. That conversation got him talking about how much he loves Steven Spielberg's Jaws and that rabbit hole lead him to pitch a Jaws sequel or reboot that Steven Spielberg himself would direct. It's totally crazy and has more in common with Sharknado than Jaws but, if Spielberg was at the helm, who wouldn't watch it? Read the crazy Kevin Smith Jaws pitch below.

Smith was talking about Jaws in the Wall Street Journal of all places when he started to get amped up:

You got me excited, dude. It doesn't even exist, and like, wow, I'm fired up about a movie that may never happen, but there is a possibility. You gotta have hope. That's what makes you go day to day. Never met the guy, but now I know what I want to talk to him about. "Please, do one more 'Jaws.'" How amazing would that be? It's not like he hasn't sequelized before.

Here's the pitch:

You set it in the present, and you use a hurricane, and you flood the town. Then the shark is in the town. Not just in the water. Because, again, on the land you're fine. But all that imagery from Hurricane Sandy, of houses underwater — add a great white shark. There's your "Jaws," modern-day "Jaws." Because then you gotta be on a rooftop. A shark could come into your house, dude.

Just reading that nonsense makes me chuckle, but that's the point. Smith is just spitballing here. A fan going straight stream of consciousness.

Head to the above link to read more about Smith's Jaws obsession and why, if Spielberg actually did return to Jaws, Smith would quit filmmaking. Again.