Marvel Announces Another Groot Toy, But Still Not The One We Want

Each of the Guardians of the Galaxy were lovable in their own special way, but if we're being honest the real heart of the team was Groot. The taciturn tree-creature was equal parts badass and sweet, and his adorable dance moves made him the must-have toy of the season. Too bad Disney's been dragging its feet on actually putting out said toy.

The good news is that the company is getting closer, as Dragon Models announced today that it will release a 7" Groot toy. This one looks a lot more like the Groot of the film than that earlier Funko bobblehead did. The bad news is that it's still not really the Groot toy we want. Hit the jump for details on the new Groot toy. (Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet. Why haven't you seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet?)

A hybrid between a display figure and a kit, Dragon brings you the best of both worlds. The use of model kit techniques allow us reproduce the intricate details and sharp lines to maximize the usage of the official 3D character scans. The use of the static display concept ensures that there are no cooling lines on the torsos and no visible ball joints that are prominent in most "action" figures. Additionally, the figures are set in a Marvel suggested pose so that the body portions won't be deformed when the poses are changed.

7inch Baby Groot Product Shot

And here's what Baby Groot looked like in the movie.

Dancing Groot scene

I do not think I will ever get tired of that gif.

The new Baby Groot toy is adorable, of course, because Baby Groot is adorable, and it looks way more accurate than the last one did. (Though that one was also really cute, because again: Groot.) But until we get one that looks right and moves right, I'm saving my money. C'mon, Marvel, how hard can it possibly be to figure out a dancing Groot toy? A bunch of amateurs on the Internet already have. I'll even provide my own '70s soundtrack. Just take care of the other parts.