Cool Stuff: U-Command Wall-E Remote Control Toy

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More than almost any Disney character in recent memory, everyone wants a Wall-E. He's cute, he's got personality, he's helpful and he cleans up after you. What could be better than that?

Unfortunately, we'll never own an actual Wall-E because they don't exist. He's a figment of the imagination of director Andrew Stanton and hundreds of other talented people at Pixar. There are some cool Wall-E toys though, and fans have even taken it upon themselves to build ultra-realistic versions of the robot.

Disney has now done something right in the middle, releasing a "U-Command" Wall-E, which is remote controlled by an infrared waves. It has all kinds of articulations in the hands, face, voice controls and more. Check out the U-Command Wall-E Remote Control video below.

The Disney Insider Blog premiered the U-Command Wall-E Remote Control video.

U-Command Wall-E Remote Control Toy

The Wall-E is a Toys R Us exclusive, so you can only get it there. Amazon has them too, via some independent sellers, and the cost is about $140 and up. Seems about right for a nice toy like that.

Here are some official details via the Amazon page.

WALL-E U Command Remote Control. WALL-E U Command,Very poseable, Articulated hands , Head moves , Eyes lite up Remote control. Joystick for easy movement. Program multiple actions and press "GO" Spins, does figure 8's, turns in reverse, goes forward. 9" tall Talks , Lights up , Plays Music