More Possible Star Wars 7 Concept Art Reveals Major Lightsaber Duel And Storm Troopers

Looks like there might be more firings on the set of Star Wars Episode VII. Weeks after the site Indie Revolver posted some incredibly spoiler-filled images reportedly from the highly anticipated film, everyone heard J.J. Abrams let go of some people. Today, that site has released a few more images and while they aren't as spoilerific as the ones from a few weeks ago, they do potentially ruin the look of some of the new Storm Troopers and maybe even one of the lightsaber action scenes.

Find out more about the new Star Wars 7 concept art below.

It should go without saying but, just in case, everything below will be considered spoilers if it's real. Minor to medium spoilers, nothing major. Still, you've been warned.

The first two images courtesy of Indie Revolver are of the Chrome Troopers. Click there to see them. There's one with a cloak, the other without. Now, the article states the troopers don't actually wear cloaks in the film, so get that Sith/Jedi trooper thought out of your head. However, the eyes, mouth and structure are all super slick and clean, with a lot less going on than the standard trooper. In a second image though, there are more vents and stuff in the cheek area. Whether or not these are the same character, or rank of Storm Trooper, is up in the air. Maybe they are, or maybe the design evolved over the course of pre-production. There's no date on these but they certainly look like everything that's stated.

The second article on Indie Revolver has what looks like a concept painting of a big lightsaber fight. This in itself, isn't much. What's more interesting are the fact it takes place outside the Millennium Falcon, the bad guy has a yellow lightsaber, and that a blaster toting character is watching along.

With the key role we've heard the Millennium Falcon plays in the film, it makes sense that it could be present at a big lightsaber battle. Plus it's a cool, almost fan fiction idea, something a fan like J.J. Abrams would think up. My guess would be this happens when Han and the gang finally find Luke.

Do you think this possible new Star Wars 7 concept art is real? What do they tell you about the movie?