Howard The Duck Concept Art Was Perfectly Translated Into 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'

The most unexpected Marvel character to hit cinema screens this summer has been Howard the Duck, who originally starred in his own George Lucas-produced film in 1986. Now there's some concept art that shows one of the early visions for the new cinematic incarnation of the cigar-chewing duck — see the Howard the Duck concept art below.

This comes from artist Ryan Meinerding on Facebook, via CinemaBlend – he's the same artist that has done some other great concept art for Marvel, including the massive Avengers: Age of Ultron panel revealed in pieces during Comic Con this past summer.

Howard the Duck Concept Art

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That's a pretty spot-on rendition of the character, and a far cry from the more cartoonish design that was created with animatronics for the '86 film. And as the header image shows, this design was followed nearly to the letter by artists who rendered the character for his appearance in the post-credits scene that caps Guardians of the Galaxy.

Howard is, of course, only one of a great many easter eggs and terrific details that were packed into Guardians. Peter has collated a rundown of all the other bits right here.