Mondo To Release 'Shaun Of The Dead' Score For First Time Ever At MondoCon; Plus 'Looper' And '2001'

The films of Edgar Wright are known for their eclectic musical choices, but it's the pop song choices that are typically revered. The scores are highly underrated, to the extent the score for Wright's first film, Shaun of the Dead, has never been available anywhere in any format.

That changes this weekend at MondoCon in Austin, TX. Mondo will release the Shaun of the Dead score by Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead on vinyl as part of a carnival style, record-tossing booth. There are two editions, too, both with cover art by Jock.

But that's not all. Previously announced, Mondo will release LPs of Nathan Johnson's score to Rian Johnson's Looper and Alex North's abandoned score for 2001: A Space Odyssey. Both have art by Jay Shaw.

Below, check out looks of all the LPs and read more information about them.

All of these will first go on sale September 20 and 21 at MondoCon in the Marchesa Hall & Theater in Austin Texas before an online drop.

First up, here are the A and B versions of Shaun of the Dead, followed by the press release including quotes and even some audio samples. It'll go online October 7.

Shaun of the Dead score

SHAUN OF THE DEADVersion AOriginal Score Composed by Daniel Mudford & Pete WoodheadArtwork by Jock.Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl, and randomly inserted Winchester Ale Colored Vinyl. Featuring liner notes by director Edgar Wright, and composers Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead.Version B – "Do You Want Anything From The Shop...?"Original Score Composed by Daniel Mudford & Pete WoodheadArtwork by Jock.Pressed on 180 Gram Strawberry Swirl Vinyl. Featuring liner notes by director Edgar Wright, and composers Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead. Limited to 1,000 Copies.Edgar Wright's rom-zom-com turns 10 years old this year, and Mondo is proud to celebrate this important milestone with the complete score for Shaun of the Dead - never before released in ANY format – on 180 Gram Vinyl.While aware that they were working on a comedy, Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead had the idea of making a score that was deadly serious and to let the comedy do its own thing. "We wanted to 'play a straight bat,' as the English say, and treat the film as though it was a sincere and genuinely terrifying scenario." says Mudford. In doing so, they crafted a score that fits in perfectly alongside the great horror scores that inspired it.Dan and Pete's band 'The Sons Of Silence,' was previously featured in Edgar Wright's television show Spaced and became part of the behind-the-scenes soundtrack during the writing and casting portions of the film. "Indeed, many of the doomier, dubbier tracks of from 'The Sons of Silence' would blend in perfectly with my playlist, made up of John Carpenter scores, Goblin rock outs and library tracks from Dawn of The Dead. So even before Dan and Pete were definitely scoring the movie, they were already scoring the movie," says Wright. Listen to preview tracks on Sound Cloud:Combat StudsThe Shower & The Coming ApocalypseBurn Down The SunThe record will be available for sale at MondoCon with a Carnival style record-throwing booth where attendees can test their post-apocalyptic zombie defense skills and earn the rarest version of the record. It will be for sale online October 7, 2014.

01) (I love your) Pub Action
02) Unreality
03) Snakehips
04) Cornetto Quest
05) Susie's Bus Ride to Hell
06) The Z Word / There's a Girl in the Garden
07) Combat Studs
08) The Shower & The Coming Apocalypse
09) Fizzy Legs
10) Garden Running
11) Walking With The Dead
12) Blood in Three Flavours
13) BeZieged
14) Burn Down The Sun
15) Envy the Dead
16) Pint Of No Return
17) Ready...
18) ...steady...
19) Heads Together
20) Final Act
21) Normality

Next up, the 2001: A Space Odyssey LP with art by Jay Shaw, followed again by the press release and track list. It'll go on sale online in November.

2001 A Space Odyssey score

MUSIC FOR 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEYOriginal Score by Alex NorthPackage design by Jay ShawPressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl and randomly inserted Beyond The Infinite Vinyl. Featuring liner notes by Jon Burlingame. Limited one-time pressing of 2001 copies.Stanley Kubrick's seminal masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey is known for its classical musical cues as much as it is for its vivid imagery. What few people realize is that the cues that are now forever associated with the film were a last minute revision on the part of Kubrick. There is an original score, composed for the film by the late Alex North (Spartacus, A Streetcar Named Desire) that was abandoned during post-production. North did not discover this until the film's premiere screening.Working with North's estate, Mondo will release this lost original score on vinyl for the first time ever. The package design by Jay Shaw, features a glossy Monolithic black, tip-on gatefold, with a holographic foil Interior gatefold, housed in a custom clear plastic slipcase.At MondoCon, composer and writer Brian Satterwhite will host a panel on the subject, featuring a live presentation of several iconic scenes with the lost score meticulously reintegrated into the film to show a select audience what could have been. Listen to preview tracks on Sound Cloud.Music For 2001: A Space Odyssey will be available for sale at MondoCon and online November 2014.

01) The Foraging
02) The Bluff
03) Night Terrors
04) Bones
05) Eat Meat and Kill
06) Space Station Docking
07) Space Talk
08) Trip to Moon
09) Moon Rocket Bus
10) The Foraging Alternate Version (AKA The Dawn Of Man)
11) Eat Meat and Kill (Take 7 – Wild)
12) Space Station (Take 4 – Partial)
13) Docking (Take 2)

And finally, here's the Looper LP with all the info. It'll go on sale online September 23.

Looper score

LOOPERScore composed and produced by Nathan JohnsonPackage design by Jay ShawPressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl, accompanied by a limited bonus 7" inch record featuring never before released material by Kid Koala. Cut at 45RPM for best possible sound quality. Housed in a hand-embellished Canvas bag. Featuring Liner Notes by Nathan Johnson.Nathan Johnson's incredible score for Rian Johnson's time-travel masterpiece is coming to vinyl for the first time. Composed using found sounds in New Orleans where the film was produced, Johnson crafted a suspenseful, innovative soundtrack to complement the dystopian landscape where time travel and murder are controlled by organized crime.In a stunning packaging concept by Jay Shaw, this 2XLP album comes in an embossed, gold foil gatefold jacket, housed in a custom, hand-embellished canvas bag. With the help of local effects shop Hawgfly Productions, Mondo lovingly crafted a truly one-of-a-kind package befitting this modern sci-fi classic.A bonus 7-inch record will be available for purchase in limited quantities as a companion piece for true collectors: featuring the track 'Slinky Dance' by Kid Koala, released in full for the first time ever, along with a B-Side piano version of the 'Theme From Looper' performed by Nathan Johnson himself. Listen to preview tracks on Sound Cloud.The Looper vinyl will be available for sale at MondoCon and online September 23, 2014.

01) A Body That Technically Does Not Exist
02) A Day in the Life
03) Closing Your Loop
04) Seth's Tale
05) Run
06) A Life in a Day
07) Time Machine
08) Hunting the Past
09) Following the Loop
10) Mining for Memories
11) A New Scare
12) Her Face
13) City Sweep
14) Revelations
15) The Rainmaker
16) La Belle Aurore
17) Showdown
18) The Path Was a Circle
19) Everything Comes Around
Bonus 7-Inch
01) Slinky Dance – Kid Koala
02) Theme from Looper (Piano Version) – Nathan Johnson