VOTD: The Awesome Practical Effects Of 'Edge Of Tomorrow'

We're accustomed to thinking that any given sci-fi film is going to be mostly CG, perhaps thanks to the legacy left by the Star Wars prequels and many films that followed. But some still use a great deal of practical makeup and effects work. James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy is one good example. The under-seen Edge of Tomorrow, from Doug Liman, is another. In the behind the scenes footage below you'll see how Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt wore their bulky power suits during shooting, and how they threw themselves around the sets to create the film's impressive battle sequences. Watching these Edge of Tomorrow practical effects is captivating enough that I'd love to see a cut of the film with all digital work removed.

The only problem with this collection of footage is that the individual shots are so short — you'll probably want a lot more.

I love watching the shots where Cruise is supported by a cable as he runs in the suit, because the presence of the cable really doesn't make the process of making this film appear any easier. Blunt looks incredible as she's bringing her role to life, and overall the scope of this work is impressive. (Just as the film was.) It's good to be reminded of the high level of physical control that actors must possess in order to really excel at action, and this footage gives you some idea of

This footage has been floating around for months, but there's more interest in it now that Edge of Tomorrow is available for digital purchase. The film will be on Blu-ray on October 4, and we'll hopefully see some more good behind the scenes stuff then.

[via io9]