Seth Rogen Wants Duncan Jones To Direct Some 'Preacher,' Director Agrees...On Twitter

Twitter can be a magical place. A place where connections are made in front of your eyes. Usually in Hollywood, when a producer wants to hire a director, that person has to go through an agent, who then assesses the opportunity, then contacts the manager who discusses it with the director and a decision is made.

Or, on Twitter, you just ask and they say yes.

Friday evening, Ain't It Cool News' Eric Vespe tweeted that he hopes Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg try to cast Kurt Russell as the Saint of Killers in their AMC adaptation of the popular comic book, Preacher. Director Duncan Jones, who has been a little out of the loop over the past year making some tiny video game movie, asked Vespe about the project. Then Rogen himself jumped in and asked if Jones would direct. Will this actually happen? Who knows. But it's a great Twitter conversation to read and even Rian Johnson got int he mix. Check it out below.

Here's how it started, with Vespe, then Jones then this:

Jones then joked a bit about it:

Before adding this:

And Rogen's response:

Oh, and just for fun, a fan suggested that Star Wars Episode VIII director Rian Johnson get in the mix and here's what happened with that:

Rogen and Goldberg seemed to like the idea:

Then this:

Look, will any of this happen? Anything is possible. And either way it's incredibly fun and amazing how these talented people use Twitter, actually check Twitter, and then can interact with each other right in front of our eyes.

Rogen also mentioned in this series of tweets that he and Goldberg have yet to finish the pilot script, so don't expect this to happen for quite some time. Still, Jones' Warcraft movie doesn't hit until 2016 and Johnson's Star Wars movie probably doesn't hit until 2017 so a few weeks on AMC's Preacher in 2015 seems pretty doable, no?