Watch All 8 Minutes Of Godzilla In 'Godzilla'

For a movie called Godzilla, this summer's Godzilla didn't actually show a whole lot of Godzilla. Indeed, he doesn't even get a close-up until about 60 minutes into the film, by one count. Which is fine if you like the rest of the movie, but kind of a disappointment if all you wanted to see was the monster. Fortunately, there's a fix for that now.

An enterprising YouTube user has cut together a video of all of the Godzilla scenes in Godzilla. If you're a fan of the bulbous behemoth, you might as well check it out — it'll only take about eight minutes of your time. Watch the video after the jump.

Or if the MUTOs were more your thing, there's a video for that, too.

Estimates differ on just how much screen time the bulbous behemoth gets in the 2014 film, and this eight-minute count seems to be on the conservative side of the spectrum. (This Redditor, for example, claims the figure is closer to 11 minutes.) Either way, what's clear is that Godzilla doesn't take up very much of his own movie.

But it's worth pointing out that it's not so uncommon for monster movies to keep the main attraction under wraps. In fact, as this article points out, Godzilla only got about eight minutes of screen time in the original Gojira — though that was also a shorter movie. And that's still more time than the Alien or the Cloverfield Monster got.

There's nothing wrong with that, necessarily. Jaws is the classic example of a film that worked better because of what it didn't show. Plus, I'm sure we can all think of a few examples of monsters we wish had just been kept offscreen. Nothing deflates tension like the sight of a cheap, goofy-looking CG creature. On second thought, maybe eight minutes of Godzilla is plenty.