'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Concept Art Shows Off Stunning Xandarian Vistas

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't exactly like our real universe (for one thing, it has superheroes), but it's close enough that the settings generally look familiar. The Avengers' New York City is our New York City, give or take a Stark Tower.

But this summer's Guardians of the Galaxy was the first Marvel movie to take place almost entirely off-Earth, and that meant Marvel had to create entirely new worlds from scratch. Naturally, the creative team ran with the opportunity, providing us with some truly stunning settings. Today, we have several new pieces of scenic Guardians of the Galaxy concept art, highlighting the Nova Corps capital planet Xandar.

Hit the jump to take a look. (Warning: Some spoilers ahead. But you probably figured that out already, right?)

Xandar is also where the final showdown takes place, which means it's basically destroyed by the end. But fortunately for us, the Xandar concept art lives on. Artist Olivier Pron revealed the Guardians of the Galaxy concept art on his blog with the following explanation.

I was lucky enough to be tasked by Guardian's production designer Charlie Wood to design Xandar overall look. There is many more visual done, but for now I'm only showing the pictures published in the official art book.

Said art book can be found on Amazon for about $40, if you're interested in seeing more eye-popping illustrations. For now, enjoy the Xandar concept art for free below.