LOL: Lego 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Short Pokes Fun At Star-Lord's Cassette Tape

Nitpick a movie all you want but if it works, it works. Take Guardians of the Galaxy for example. Of course Star-Lord's cassette tape would never have survived nearly 30 years of non-stop repeated listening. That's not how that technology works. But James Gunn's film integrates it so well, and the music is so good, that you can (hopefully) push that aside and just enjoy it.

Now, if the movie was boring, that little mistake could be exactly the sort of thing that you'd focus on. It would give you something specific to think about as the movie trudged along. Good movies don't have that problem.

What good movies do have is a staying power. So even now, a month after release, not only is Guardians of the Galaxy likely to be the number one movie at the box office yet again, we can still joke about and enjoy poking fun at the film's minutia. Below, see a great example of that, as some fans created a hilarious stop-motion Lego Guardians of the Galaxy animation dealing with the issue of the decades old cassette tape. Watch it below.

Thanks to Brotherhood Workshop via The Mary Sue for the fun Lego Guardians of the Galaxy video.

Lego Guardians of the Galaxy Short by Brotherhood Workshop

Funny stuff here, and completely done with the actual Lego Guardians of the Galaxy sets that are out there. Well, except maybe Gamora's yellow outfit. I think that's custom. But the cassette tape, the tape deck, that's all actually inside the Milano. As a Lego fan, it's a very fun set, even if it's not close to the scale of the Milano in the film. The Milano in the film has three front-facing chairs in the cockpit, two levels, the Lego doesn't have all that. But, like I said, nitpicking isn't quite necessary when you are enjoying the subject so much.

Guardians of the Galaxy is now in theaters. The sequel is currently being written for release in 2017.