Cool Stuff: The Filmography Of Guns Print

I'm not a gun nut or even a gun guy, but this looks cool. Cathryn Lavery of Calm The Ham has created an amazing art print titled "The Filmography of Guns". The 24 x 36 screen print features a visual history of "iconic guns from film and television in 115 intricately detailed hand-illustrations." But even cooler than the print is a full-color 120+ page reference guide containing all 115+ gun illustrations in larger sizes alongside images of the original sketches and additional information like the background history of each gun model, as well as other films they played a key role in. Hit the jump to see more images of The Filmography of Guns print and the book.


From the classic Smith & Wesson of Dirty Harry to James Bond's PPK to the fictional firearms in classics like Star Wars and Aliens – we have it all covered. I grew up in Ireland where the only guns I saw were those I saw depicted through TV and films. It seemed that behind every great hero was an even greater weapon, and in most cases it was a gun. That's why I've created this art piece. I wanted to document the weapons of my childhood heroes in one iconic print.


Lavery just funded the print on Kickstarter, and you have 30 days to preorder it on the crowd-funding campaign (which is also to help with print and production costs). The print will be a limited edition of only 1500 copies, all signed and numbered, expected to ship in November 2014. And here is a look at The Filmography of Guns Collector's Edition book:

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This isn't the first time Lavery has tackled a project about pop culture props — She is also responsible for The Filmography of Cars which illustrates popular cars from TV and film and The Filmography of Aircraft, which illustrates 100 years of aviation in film.

The Filmography of Cars the Filmography of Aircraft