'Shadow Of The Colossus' Movie Gets New Director

With Josh Trank kind of busy for the next several years, his adaptation of the Sony game Shadow of the Colossus needed a new director. Sony has found one inĀ Andy Muschietti, the director of Mama, who had recently been attached to The Mummy reboot. (Among other things.)

Russ described the game as follows back when the film first went into development: "[It] features a young male protagonist who is told that his dead love can be revived if only he kills a collection of giant beasts that reside across the countryside. He does so without question, and the player is left to eventually wonder if the kid is being played. Visually austere yet stunning, the game was a critical hit and has endured as one of the masterpieces of the PlayStation 2 generation." Read more about the Shadow of the Colossus movie below.

The Hollywood Reporter and others posted about the new attachment. Seth Lochhead wrote the most recent draft of the script which they describe as a big budget, tentpole film.

With Muschietti now on-board, the long in development project gets a significant kick in the ass. Which is a good thing because the potential for something truly great is obviously there. The general conceit of a boy fighting huge beasts and monsters ticks just about every box imaginable in terms of "blockbuster potential." Plus the twist of the moral dilemma gives the whole thing an emotional connection that's missing from most giant robot/giant monster movies.

The one question mark for me is the new director: Muschietti. We know he can direct. Mama, despite its flaws, had some good performances and ideas in it. But the fact he's been in the mix for so many things of late, and not signed onto one, is potentially worrisome. Having met him on the set of Mama, however, I don't think he left these movies because of some crazy demands or ego. It's more likely it's because he actually has standards and taste, and doesn't want to make a movie just to make a movie, especially if it can't be saved.

What do you think of Muschietti directing the Shadow of the Colossus movie?