Read About The Deleted Hawkeye/Captain America Fight In 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

Blame Jeremy Renner for the fact Hawkeye wasn't in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. From the earliest days of development, the character was supposed to be in the sequel but the actor's busy schedule didn't allow him to be part of the film. So the screenwriters and directors worked around it and turned in a fantastic movie even without the Avengers' best archer.

Still, there were plans of him being in the movie and now Anthony and Joe Russo have revealed not only how Hawkeye fit into the larger narrative, but also details of a specific action scene they had worked out. Read about the Hawkeye Captain America Winter Soldier deleted scene below.

The Russos spoke to Screen Rant about Hawkeye's role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and got some awesome info. Here's Joe:

What it was going to be, we were trying to complicate the relationship between Cap and his S.H.I.E.L.D agent friends. If Hawkeye got a call from S.H.I.E.L.D saying Captain America is a fugitive, would he listen to that call or not listen to that call? That sequence actually was heartbreaking for us to cut. I think it ultimately might have been a conflict with Renner's schedule.

But there was a great sequence where Hawkeye was chasing Cap through Washington D.C.. There was an awesome sequence where they confronted each other in a ravine on the outskirts of D.C. and Hawkeye was shooting a series of arrows closing in on Cap, Cap closing in on him. And then Cap took him down and he realized for the first time that Hawkeye was trying to trick S.H.I.E.L.D, where he whispered something into Cap's ear that Cap had a tracker on his suit and to punch Hawkeye to make it look real, because there was a Quinjet hovering above where they were watching the feedback back at S.H.I.E.L.D. So it was a cool sequence.

That sure does sound like a cool sequence, and one that would have fit in really well both thematically and from an action perspective. Still, Kevin Feige promised us that we'll find out what Hawkeye was doing during all of this come May 1 when Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters.

Are you upset the Hawkeye Captain America Winter Soldier stuff didn't happen?