New Images From Disney's Next Short 'Feast'

A few weeks back, I went to Disney Animation Studios to learn about what the company had in store for this year. That primarily meant Big Hero 6, but we know Disney loves to attach short films to their features. The short film in front of Big Hero 6 is called Feast, and it comes from director Patrick Osborne. Inspired by the 1 Second Everyday concept, Osborne concocted a story involving an adorable dog, the food he eats, and how that relationship can tell a larger story of blossoming love. With a visual style that's somewhere between Paperman and a Ghibli film, it's a fast-paced, funny, sentimental short with lots of surprises.

After some curious concept art, your first real look at the Feast short film is finally here.

Here are your first two looks at the finished film, Feast, and its star named Winston. Thanks to USA Today.

First Feast Short Film Images

That's Winston, the Boston terrier, who finds a nice home with a young man. We never really follow the man, though. The camera is always on the ground as we see Winston fed in six minutes of quick cuts that are colorful and filled with food. The man eventually meets a girl and Winston's life changes. Burgers turn to brussel sprouts, pizza to salad. From there, revealing much more would be a spoiler but Osborne has made a film that's vibrant, fun and unique.

Osborne, who told me he's a /Film reader so you're all in good company, was the co-head of animation on Big Hero 6 when he decided to pitch John Lasseter and others on a short film. You have to pitch three ideas and out of everyone at Disney who did that, Osborne's idea was picked. That started a very quick – in terms of Disney – turn around. Now Feast is complete and making the rounds at animation festivals before being placed in front of Big Hero 6 on November 7.

We'll have more on Big Hero 6 soon but what do you think of Winston and the Feast short?