Star Wars Rebels "Art Attack" Short Film Introduces Sabine

Last Week, Disney XD released the first Star Wars Rebels short film "Ghost in the Machine" which focused on the animated series' new astromech droid Chopper. This week Disney has released another Star Wars Rebels short film titled "Art Attack" which focuses on Sabine Wren, the Mandalorian Human female weapons expert who is part of the new series.

In "Art Attack," a special Star Wars Rebels short, Sabine sneaks into an Imperial compound, looking to create a diversion for her friends aboard the Ghost. Spotted by stormtroopers, she proves too quick to be captured – and leaves behind an explosive surprise.

Watch the Star Wars Rebels Art Attack short film embedded after the jump.

Star Wars Rebels Art Attack short film

"Art Attack" focuses on Sabine, a new character voiced by actress Tiya Sircar. Sabine is a feisty yet tomboyish weapon specialist aboard the Ghost, and an occasional graffiti artist who has a colorful customized her Mandalorian armor. While the short film doesn't recall the original trilogy feeling as much as the previous Chopper-focused animated short film "Ghost in the Machine", it does give you a peek at the fun tone of the new Star Wars animated series.

loved the Rebels pilot which I got to preview with Germain during Comic Con. If you want to see more, be sure to watch the extended preview and the Ghost in the Machine short film, both of which went online not long ago.

Star Wars Rebels is scheduled to premiere in October 2014 as a one-hour special television movie on the Disney Channel. The Star Wars Rebels television series will follow sometime later on Disney XD.