'Star Wars Episode VII' Will Resume Shooting Soon

Just like in the beginning of Return of the Jedi, it took a while, but Han Solo is ready to go again. Harrison Ford's leg injury appears to be almost fully healed and after a two week hiatus, Star Wars Episode VII will resume shooting later this month. Read more about the Star Wars 7 filming schedule below.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, which was expected considering the July 6 update revealed the hiatus. But after writer director J.J. Abrams and crew finished filming in Ireland, he was spotted back in Los Angeles. Harrison Ford was also seen back in Los Angeles, walking without an aid. Then Monday, he was at The Expendables 3 premiere, looking almost as if nothing had happened. In the meantime, as seen above, actor Mark Hamill was back on set, or at least in the area on Tuesday, likely getting ready to start shooting. (Thanks to @Bryan_Fuller for the image.)

Despite the delay because of Ford's injury, Disney CEO Bob Iger has been adamant the film will still be ready for release December 18, 2015. While that seemed kind of crazy a few weeks back, if you look at it now, it's not that bad. Even if the film has two more months of shooting (that's a hypothetical guess), post-production will then have more than a year. That's not ideal for a film like this, but if the digital effects have been in the works all this time, it's also not impossible.

From an outsider perspective, what I'm most curious about now is what's the next step for the fans? The UNICEF auction is over. Will we continue to get video updates from the set? Maybe some kind of series revealing the characters in the film? Will we get an announcement about the spin-offs? Or will Lucasfilm remain radio silent for the rest of 2014, waiting until their own convention in April 2015 to start giving everyone information? I have a feeling the most we'll hear in the immediate future is a simple press release when production is over. After that, maybe something in the Winter. But I feel like we won't see a trailer until Star Wars Celebration. I hope I'm wrong, but that's what I think.

Either way, the important thing is happening. Star Wars Episode VII is going back into production with the full cast ready to go.