Watch Two 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Deleted Scenes And Blooper Reel

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier hitting digital formats later this month (before its September 9 bow on Blu-ray), Marvel has begun rolling out hints of the special features. Two deleted scenes from the film just made it online along with a tease at a blooper reel.

Like most deleted scenes, you totally understand why these were cut. Each provides a piece of information that's either pointless or better conveyed in another scene. Still, finding out where Cap's new suit went, plus to see Cobie Smulders go at Maximiliano Hernández is pretty great.

Check out the new Captain America The Winter Soldier deleted scenes and blooper reel below.

Captain America The Winter Soldier deleted scenes

This scene was likely cut because it ruins two of the film's better mysteries. By showing Jasper as evil, you get an earlier tease that he's one of the bad guys, which is a sort of reveal later in the movie. Second, by reminding us that Maria Hill is around, it removes some of the surprise when she pops back up to save Cap and Widow. It's a good scene though.

This scene, of course, was cut because in the final movie it doesn't matter where Cap got the sweatsuit. We don't need to see a group of soldiers try and find him in a gym. They obviously won't find him. In the movie all we need to know is he's hiding. No explanation beyond that. It is cool, though, to explain why he doesn't have that new suit anymore. He had to ditch it.

(Captain America The Winter Soldier deleted scenes via Marvel.)

Then, via Comic Book Movie, is this blooper reel. I think this is just a short tease of a longer reel that's on the Blu-ray.

Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier is available early on Digital 3D and HD August 19, then on 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand September 9.