Photos: Elsa And Kristoff In 'Once Upon A Time'

The animated film Frozen is moving to live-action thanks to the show Once Upon a Time, and we've got a batch of official images of Elsa (Georgina Haig) and Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster), along with (perhaps) Sven as they'll appear in the show. 

Disney was really behind when it came to making a proper marketing and merchandise push for Frozen. The movie ended up being a mega-hit that permeated popular culture in a way no one expected. And while Disney can only make Elsa and Anna dolls so fast, the company has been moving to make up for the miscalculation. And so we've got the swift migration of the character into the show.

In addition to Haig and Foster, Elizabeth Lail will play Anna.

It'll be a couple months before you see this episode in full, as Once Upon a Time doesn't returns to ABC until September 28. But you can bet that trailers and ads for the show will have some Elsa footage before then. [via Oh! My Disney]

Elsa in once upon a time