'Tusk' Trailer: "Who In The Hell Would Want To Be Human?" [Comic Con 2014]

"I don't want to die in Canada." That's Wallace, (Justin Long), a guy who interviews people to learn their odd stories, but he becomes the subject of one after talking to the wrong Canadian. In Tusk, the new film from writer/director Kevin Smith, we follow Wallace as he finds a new story through an old sailor (Michael Parks). This sailor, as it turns out, has different ideas about dying — he doesn't want to die alone — and it doesn't seem to be human companionship that he seeks. When Wallace turns up at the sailor's house, things go from odd to weird to really, really bad in a pretty short span of time. And then, the sailor tries to turn Wallace into a walrus. Watch the Tusk trailer here.

Put that in front of most audiences, and I doubt they'd peg it as footage from a Kevin Smith film. So that's interesting. At Comic Con today, the director said "I'll spoil one thing, we do turn him into a fucking walrus." So, yeah, the film goes exactly where you think it's going to go. And that's good! After this setup, I want to see Long turned into a walrus. But Smith also said this is a "weird movie," and said specifically that this trailer doesn't spoil anything big at all.

Tusk opens on September 19. Trailer via A24. The film also features Haley Joel Osment and Genesis Rodriguez.