Watch The 'Game Of Thrones' Season Four Gag Reel [Comic-Con 2014]

The Lannisters are tough, poker-faced bastards, but the actors who play members of one of the elite families of Westeros can't always keep a straight face on set. Luckily the cameras are rolling even when some of these folk are in their more vulnerable moments, and so we've got an entertaining Game of Thrones gag reel from season four. (Worry not; it's not just the Lannister family caught in weird moments here. If you're a Lion-hater there are still plenty of highlights here to enjoy.)

There are no big spoilers here, though I'm not sure why you'd be watching this sort of reel if you're not caught up on the show in the first place. Check out the video below.

The show's panel at Comic Con 2014 opened with this reel, but we can already give you the official embed straight from HBO. We'll have more from that panel shortly, but in the meantime check out this great video.