Two New 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Scenes Emphasize Action, Personality And Mystery [Comic Con 2014]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles opens in theaters very soon, but Paramount still wanted to prove to Comic-Con that after years and years of controversy, they've made a winner. According to co-creator Kevin Eastman, the movie is "absolutely fantastic" and to prove it the producers (Andrew Form and Brad Fuller), director (Jonathan Liebsman) and stars (Megan Fox and Will Arnett) showed up to present not one, but two extended clips from the film. Each one was a big action sequence that gave a much better idea than the trailers of the look, attitude and tone of the movie, and the Turtles themselves. Below, read about the two Ninja Turtles scenes with some impressions.

Ninja Turtles Scene One

The first scene was about ten minutes into the movie and it's basically the introduction and reveal of the full turtles. April O'Neil (Fox) is on the hunt for a "vigilante" who has been terrorizing the Foot Clan. A bunch of people are running down the street, screaming, and April runs the other way to find the source. She ends up in a subway where the foot clan, lead by Karai, have taken a bunch of hostages to set a trap for the vigilante. The scene cuts to a low angle of a ton of security monitors. We see just slivers of the Turtles as they discuss the fact they are not supposed to go above the surface. But they think, in this case, it's necessary. They suit up, Rambo style and leave, just as Michaelangelo is distracted by Keyboard Cat.

The subway rumbles into the station and one by one, huge figures jump off and kick some Foot ass. April tries to shoot video but it doesn't work. Once all the Foot soldier have been dispatched, the hostages run up the stairs to look for their saviors and April notices they've made it too the roof. We hear the guys bragging. "These are OUR streets! Like shadows in the night!" And just as they go to do a high five, "Snap." April gets a photo. The Turtles whisper about getting the camera and killing whoever took the photo. "With kindness?" Mikey adds.

A chain grabs April and swings her onto the roof. "Give me the camera!" Raphael demands. He's angry and ready to hurt her. Mikey adds "She's so hot I can feel my shell tightening." Finally Leo calls off Raph. You see this in the trailer, the flip down and full reveal of a Ninja Turtle. "My colleague here forgot to say please. Would you please hand over the camera?" She faints.

She wakes up and all four turtles are over her. Donatello is playing doctor. "Ma'am, can you here me?" She asks who they are and they explain. She replies, "So you're Ninja, Mutant, Turtle, Teenagers?" "When you say that it sounds like a mouthful," they reply. (Or something like that, I might have gotten the exact wording wrong). As the scene continues, Raphael and Leonardo are at odds over what to do with April and finally they just decide to let her go with the warning they know how to find her. Mikey asks if she has hot friends but finally agrees with his brothers and they leave. As they jump away, April takes more photos.

There was then an odd cut to a scene with April in the Turtle Lair. They joke about the fact this is their Hogwarts, their Professor X mansion and she sees Splinter and knows him. "Maybe she's a Jedi," Mikey whispers. She walks up to Splinter and it's revealed they know each other somehow. Weird.

My impression of the this first scene is I loved the action, I loved the look of the Turtles – which looked bulky, heavy and intimidating – but the humor came off almost overly juvenile. I liked the next scene better

Ninja Turtles Scene Two

The second scene shown had less going on story wise and more action wise. They're in some rural location in the snow. Foot soldiers are shooting at the turtles and they realize their shells are bulletproof. We get a great shot here and you realize the turtles all have different looks to them. Some are more muscular, others taller, it's interesting.

To avoid the shooting, everyone – including April and Will Arnett's character – jump in an 18 wheeler. The humans are driving. Three turtles are in the back and Raphael is on the top keeping watch. Michaelangelo almost gets thrown off and the film slows down to show how he uses his chucks to grab hold before he flies away. The same explosion almost knocks the truck and trailer off a cliff. They try to keep it on the edge but nope, it drops.

Donatello realizes this is actually a short cut as long as the truck stays straight as it slides down the mountain. Leonardo jumps into one of the pursuing trucks and kicks some ass, Raid 2 style. Donatello uses his staff to flip a truck. Michaelangelo has a flying skateboard. There are some really, really cool action moments here and we see the Turtles start to get excited. They're pumped. Full of adrenaline. April is taking photos out the window and Arnett's character checks out her butt.

As the scene ended , we got a nice sizzle reel. The two highlights being an awesome slow-mo shot of Shredder and a shot of what appear to be a 10 year old Ninja Turtle, not fully grown, training in martial arts. Yes, we are going to see the Ninja Turtles before they are teenagers. It ended with one of the turtles saying "Cowabunga," which got a huge cheer.

Overall, this second scene really won me over. The humor was downplayed a bit and the turtles were more focused on the task at hand. And when they're focused, they kick major ass.