Christopher Nolan Reveals New 'Interstellar' Trailer At Comic Con 2014

We've told you about the Comic Con debut of Matthew McConaughey and Christopher Nolan, who took the stage in Hall H today to discuss their upcoming film Interstellar. While seeing Nolan field a few questions was a treat, the two also brought along a new Interstellar trailer.

We don't have that trailer to embed, as it won't be shown to the general public for a while yet. But we'll tell you a bit about what it contains, after the break. 

The beginning voice over adds something to what we've heard before, as McConaughey's character Cooper says "We used to look up at the sky and wonder about our place in the stars. Now, we just look down and wonder about our place in the dirt."

Much of the impact of this footage is difficult to capture in words, especially after only one viewing. As the trailer moves out into space, it becomes almost entirely visual, and the visual scale is thrillingly huge, even majestic.

But first, we see some of the same Earthbound images as in the first two trailers: McConaughey on a very dry Earth, with his kids in a small town. Jessica Chastain is very evidently playing his grown daughter, presumably years after Cooper leaves on his mission. We see sand and dirt everywhere. Dust storms plague a baseball game and small-town life.

A countdown begins in the background, and the montage begins to feature more technology: shots of spacecraft, what could be some NASA installations, and Cooper and other astronauts prepping for their mission. Anne Hathaway appears to be his co-pilot on the mission, but there are others in what could be a cryo-sleep.

Finally, the trailer goes truly into space with spectacular galactic vistas. We see Saturn and other planets; the surface of one planet appears to be covered in water; at another point Cooper steps out of his craft onto an alien landscape. Of course, the editing of the trailer suggests certain things, and knowing how Nolan's trailers tend to be cut it is probably unwise to assume to much about what these last images mean for the story.

Regardless, each new vision of Interstellar has widened the visual scope of the film significantly, and this new trailer is stunning.

The trailer should be online within the next couple weeks. Interstellar opens on November 7.