Star Wars Bits: John Boyega And Daisy Ridley Tweet; Plus Marvel Comics, Star Wars Rebels And Workbooks

From the schools, to the shelves and courts of Chicago, this edition of Star Wars Bits is as eclectic as ever. Below, read about the following:

  • John Boyega and Daisy Ridley's Star Wars Episode VII tweets get super excited.
  • Has Ridley's Episode VII character name been revealed?
  • Sideshow Collectibles announces some new Star Wars figures
  • Play Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid right now.
  • Star Wars comes to schools in new Star Wars Workbooks.
  • Images of a whole new line of Star Wars and Star Wars Rebels toys have been revealed.
  • Read Dave Fioni's introduction to The Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide.
  • A Clone Wars character appears in a new Star Wars book.
  • The Lucas Cultural Museum might face some opposition in Chicago.
  • Marvel's original Star Wars comics are getting reprinted in a huge book.
  • Watch From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga.
  • If you're excited for Star Wars Episode VII and not following co-stars John Boyega and Daisy Ridley on Twitter, change that now. They are @JBoyega and @ridley_daisy (who, as of publication, has 2,000 less followers than me. This is not cool). In the past few days, they've put up some really awesome tweets of excitement and teasing. Boyega told a story about two girls talking Episode VII and not knowing he was in the movie. He wants Andy Serkis to do his voicemail as Caesar, and will go see the movie "as soon as J.J. says cut." It's just an awesome look into two kids living their, and our, dream. Here's just one example. Head to the above links for so many more.

    A report from the probable forest set of Star Wars Episode VII reveals a new name on one of the trailers. That name is "Kira," as seen on Making Star Wars. Now, is that Daisy Ridley's character? Maybe, maybe not. It could just be a place holder name but, again, worth thinking about.

    Sideshow Collectibles releases some of the best Star Wars figures in the world and they just teased two new ones, which will surely make their debut at Comic Con. A 6th scale C-3PO and this dream figure.Luke Skywalker Red Five

    Great shot kid, that was one in a million.

    Disney Games has uploaded a new online game called Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid, a surefire way to waste a few hours on your computer. Click the image to head to the site.Star Wars Rebels Ghost Raid

    Workman Publishing (via EW) is making Star Wars Workbooks for young kids. The aim is to use Star Wars imagery to help kids learn simple and essential tasks. You can read more and see more at the link, but here's one example.

    Star Wars Workbook

    When it comes to Star Wars toys, it's all about the 3.75 inch figures. And with new properties coming out, Hasbro is re-releasing some old figures and new ones for Rebels. YodaNews (via JediNews) has a ton of images, here's just one example.

    Ezra Toy

    Lots of the recent Star Wars Rebels information is from the Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide, a new book by Adam Bray. Producer Dave Filoni wrote the foreword and it's a really nice ode to Star Wars. Head to Star Wars Underworld to read the whole thing.

    One of the many new, in canon, Star Wars books coming from Del Ray is called Star Wars: Lord of the Sith. What's cool about it is a character first introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars is appearing, which is a nice overall tie in. It's a minor character but we won't ruin the surprise here. Head to Star Wars Underworld for the info.

    The Hollywood Reporter has a story on a lawsuit that has popped up over the proposed location of the George Lucas Museum. Several groups around Chicago, including Chicago Bears fans, don't like the location near the stadium and are hoping to move it somewhere else. Read the full story at the above revealed that all of the original Marvel Star Wars comic books are getting reprinted. Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years, a huge new omnibus set, will be out in January 2015. The cover is below, read more at the link.Star Wars MarvelFinally, for the past few months, the Star Wars YouTube page has been uploading segments of From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga and now, they're all up in one playlist. Here it is.