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Header Photo: Javier Vera Lainez Gives Fans Of HBO's Hit Series "True Detective" 8 New Images To Fawn Over Until The Start Of Season 2

Boyhood: six quibbles with Richard Linklater's masterpiece

El Jefe pop-up at Animal with 'Chef' star Jon Favreau and Roy Choi


ThinkGeek Sets Phasers To "Gesture-Based Remote Control"

FAQ: How They Made BoyhoodIs Pay What You Want The New Indie Film Model? BOND/360 Tests It Out.46 oz. Can of Hi-C Ecto Cooler Shows Up on eBay

46 oz. Can of Hi-C Ecto Cooler Shows Up on eBay, Sadly Cost Prohibitive

Watching Movies During Wartime: A Report From Jerusalem

4 Reasons The New 'Star Wars' Movies Will Inevitably Be BadZZ2BE1F4E3

How'd They Do That? A Brief Visual History of Motion-Capture Performance on Film

'Homeland's' Morena Baccarin Joins Animated Horror Film 'Malevolent'

Pugs Are the Real Threat to Mankind in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes recreation

'Boyhood': 39 Shooting Days, A 4,200-Day Production Schedule

Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years

'Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years' Omnibus Announced

Acclaimed Indian Actress Zohra Sehgal Dies at 102

ZZ04D115C5Great Horror Showdowns by Scott CChina Box Office: 'Transformers 4' Heading Toward $300 Million

Inside Adam Savage's CaveWhen Will Charlton Heston's Character Show Up In This Planet Of The Apes Series?Game Of Thrones Mystery Mini by Funko for #SDCC 2014Game Of Thrones Mystery Mini by Funko for #SDCC 2014

Netflix Speeds Continue to Slow on Verizon Despite Peering Deal

Somehow, This Beautiful Cartoon Is Being Animated By Just Two Guys

Person of Interest Season 4 Adds Mad Woman Cara BuonoZZ5C61D1B9

Dad Builds Incredible Lego Boba Fett Costume For His Son

3D Movies to Fly on New Airbus Jets

Serenity Blue Sun Travel 5-Pack PostersSerenity Blue Sun Travel 5-Pack Posters

'Mortal Kombat: Legacy' Director Kevin Tancharoen Boards 'Guns of Christmas Past'

Watch: 4-Hour 'American Masters' Documentary 'Andy Warhol' Featuring Bob Dylan, Dennis Hopper And More

'24: Live Another Day' Considered Killing Off Jack Bauer For Finale Says EP

Friendly Flight t-shirt

Friendly Flight t-shirt

Why 'Dawn of Planet of Apes' Reviews Mattered — and 'Transformers' Didn't at Box Office

Time-Lapse video brings Olaf sand sculpture to life, park of Disney's Hollywood Studios Frozen Summer FunZachary Quinto and Emma Roberts Join James Franco's 'Michael'ZZ1B6D0645

The Movie That H.R. Giger Spent Decades Trying To Make

Parenthood Boss Teases a 'Huge' Final Challenge for the BravermansZZ4CAE084CPlanet of the Apes: A Timeline and an Explanation

Paramount in Talks to Acquire Martin Scorsese's 'Silence'

Fan Turns Basement Into $500,000 Star Trek Mancave + Florida Mansion With Enterprise D Bridge For Sale

Deluxe Confirms That It Will Support Dolby Vision Mastering

ZZ697F7973See What 3D Glasses Looked Like Back in 1924

'Harmontown' Docu Starring 'Community's Dan Harmon Set For Fall Release

Are There Rules for Spoilers? Should There Be?

Ben Kingsley To Star In Spike TV's 'Tut' Event SeriesZZ0F9591AF


Thomas Jane to Star in SyFy Thriller 'The Expanse'ZZ43019B6A

The Green Power Ranger Dressed In Full Costume To Take A Photo With Daryl From 'The Walking Dead'

The case of the dueling 'Dungeons & Dragons' documentaries

HARREY PODDER: Say the Magic Word

'12 Monkeys' Producers Assure Fans It's No Remake

ZZ6362CDFFWhat Bran Will Look Like in Season 5 of GOT

ABC's Fall Schedule Unveiled: Get Return Dates for Grey's, Scandal, Once, Revenge and More

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