The Disney Universe: A Star Map Created From Disney And Pixar Movies

This is the story of Marianne, a recently graduated Graphic Design student from Kingston University in London who is also an avid Disney fan. Marianne has been working for three years on a special project called The Disney Universe. Marianne has combined 3000 individual screen grabs from Disney and Pixar films to create a star map of the collective Disney Universe. Hit the jump to learn more about Marianne's project The Disney Universe.


Here is how Marianne described the project in the email she sent to me this morning:

I have collected every star from every Disney and Pixar animated classic feature-length film and brought them together to create The Disney Universe. For the first time ever, stars from 'Pinocchio' (1940) will sit next to stars from 'Frozen' (2013). The process saw me collect — ultimately amassing just under 3000 individual screen grabs — cut, and blend stars from every film. The result is a four metre-long metallic print, acting as a celebration of Disney's animation history and legacy, and their belief that 'When You Wish Upon A Star...Your Dreams Come True'.A visual timeline of sorts, it celebrates not only moments in history such as the merging with Pixar, but brings to the forefront the beauty and skill of background artists who originally painted each star. 'The Disney Universe' is generally talked about in a theoretical sense, (mostly in academia), but I wanted to offer a visual celebration of this.

You can view a scroll and panable version of the massive Disney Universe image file on You can also read more about her project on Tumblr.

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