POTD: Page One Of The 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Treatment

Will Angel, and his eventual alter-ego Archangel, will be in X-Men: Apocalypse? Part of the first page of the treatment for the next film in the X-Men series has been posted by producer and likely director Bryan Singer, and one of the few things that can be explicitly seen on the page is a reference to the Four Horsemen. See the X-Men: Apocalypse treatment glimpse below, and get some more info on what it might mean.

Bryan Singer posted the image to Instagram, and you can see that the treatment bears his name, along with that of Simon Kinberg, Michael Dougherty, and Dan Harris. (For those asking, a treatment is essentially a detailed story outline, and would later be fleshed out into script form.)

Possible spoilers follow for those not steeped in years of X-Men history.

The Four Horsemen are a group of mutants that have been recruited and altered over the centuries by Apocalypse to serve as his primary henchmen. Various well-known mutants have been roped into being part of the Four Horsemen in different story lines. One of the most significant was Angel.

Angel, aka Warren Worthington III, was one member of the original X-Men. The character has barely made an appearance in the film series so far, but did show up in X3. In the mid-'80s, after Jean Grey was resurrected (or shown to not have been dead) the original X-Men team reformed as X-Factor, bankrolled by Worthington and run by his friend Cameron Hodge. In truth, Hodge betrays the team, slanderously portraying them as mutant hunters for hire, and ultimately amputating Angel's wings and nearly killing him in an explosion.

But Apocalypse saves Angel, and remakes him into a new vision of Death for his current set of Four Horsemen. Angel is gifted with deadly new metal wings, and reconditioned and brainwashed to fight his former friends.

But that's just one possibility. In another storyline, Wolverine is spirited away and turned into a different version of Death. We know that Singer and Kingberg like to prioritize Wolverine's role in X-Men films, and so that could be what we see, regardless of the fact that Angel is probably the most significant X-Man to become an Apocalypse henchman.