Is Matthew McConaughey Skipping 'Magic Mike XXL'?

The c**k-rocking kings of Tampa may be without a leader for Magic Mike XXL. According to comedian Gabriel Iglesias, who played DJ Tobias in the first film, "word has it" Matthew McConaughey won't reprise his role as Xquisite owner Dallas for the sequel. Hit the jump for Iglesias' comments.

Star Channing Tatum told press a few months ago that he "think[s] everyone's gonna be back," including McConaughey, but acknowledged at the time that "obviously no one's deals are done." For his part, Iglesias sounds very certain that he'll return. "I've signed on to be in part two," he said.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time we've heard that McConaughey might be less than eager to dive into Magic Mike XXL. There were whispers this spring that the actor "feels that he's done his time" and that even if he agrees to return, "his role will be drastically smaller than before."

McConaughey's literally and spiritually oily Dallas was one of the highlights of the first film, and it'd be a big disappointment if he decided to sit out Magic Mike XXL. Heck, even Steven Soderbergh is coming back, and that guy's "retired."

But there's no need to cry into your appletini just yet. Even if McConaughey isn't locked in yet, it's not too late for him to sign up. And he's been known to change his mind about projects before, like when he admitted that he'd be "open" to doing a second season of True Detective after all. (Not that he's confirmed for that one, either.)

And even if McConaughey does stay away, there's no narrative reason the story can't proceed without him. The sequel sends the guys on a road trip, during which "a shit-ton of just ridiculous stuff" happens, as Tatum puts it.

Magic Mike XXL hits theaters July 3, 2015.