Watch The Animated Short Made By 11-Year Old Lars Von Trier

Back in 1967, when Lars von Trier was just Lars Trier, and only 11 years old, the future director made what he later called his first film. The movie is short, and animated in a crude stop-motion using cut-out paper characters. It is also, as you might expect, more than a bit unusual.

Turen til Squashland... En Super Pølse Film is the title, which translates to Trip to Squash Land... A Super Sausage Film. What does it all mean? Difficult to say, really, but there are dancing rabbits, and some troll-like creatures which fit right into some Nordic folk tales. There's no dialogue, only a song. Check out the short below.

This was created on Super-8, and is pretty solid work for an eleven year-old. That sound sounds as if it is Trier, or his friends, performing. It is so pleasant, and yet the tune's persistent "la la la" backing adds an extra air of strangeness to the animation.

Oh, and "slut" means "end," so don't get any ideas about that bit.

[via Dangerous Minds]