LOL: The Time In 2003 When A Movie Studio Head Said Superhero Movies Were A Fad

There are almost two dozen superhero movies scheduled in the next four years. Not all of them will happen, but even that tentative schedule shows Hollywood's massive continued commitment to the genre that continually brings in hundreds of millions of dollars for studios like Disney, Sony and 20th Century Fox.

That's a stark contrast to a decade ago when comic creator Rob Liefeld took at meeting at Paramount. Liefeld was pitching a film based on his Image Comic Youngblood, and was told by then president of the studio John Goldwyn that the superehero genre was a fad.

Below, read Liefeld's account of the meeting where the head of one of the most famous movie studios in the world missed the mark so completely.

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for alerting us to Liefeld's great story. Here it is.

According to Bleeding Cool, Goldwyn left the studio later that year. He continued to independently produce films there, and helped create the TV show Dexter. Last year, he produced The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. No superhero movies though.