'Star Wars Underworld' Would Have Explained Han Solo's Backstory

For years, we heard rumblings and rumors about a live-action Star Wars TV show from creator George Lucas. We'd heard there were hundreds of scripts written or at least outlined, but it was simply too expensive to produce for television. The project was referred to as Star Wars: Underworld.

When Disney bought Lucasfilm, those scripts, hours and hours of new Star Wars content, were part of the package. Unfortunately, we don't know exactly what Disney has planned for television (besides Rebels). Odds are, this show will never happen. The biggest clue is one of the writers, who is now part of an ambitious Indiana Jones Kickstarter project, has actually talked about the show on record. His name is Stephen Scaia and he explained that some of the stories were key elements of Han Solo's backstory. They explored events such as Han Solo meeting Chewbacca, Solo winning the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian, and more. 

The info came from the Kickstarter for an Indiana Jones spinoff story called Army of the Lost Horizon (via Making Star Wars). There, director Stephen Scaia shared a few stories of writing on Star Wars Underworld and mentions the Han Solo backstory stuff.


There's a pretty strong chance Disney will look to bring a live action Star Wars series to television in the coming years but you'd have to imagine Star Wars Underworld – as it was originally conceived – is dead. First of all, there's Star Wars Rebels, set in the same time period. Plus, from all the rumors we've heard, the stuff Scaia mentions above will probably be in one or multiple Star Wars spinoff films coming from Gareth Edwards, Josh Trank and others. That's not a guarantee, just an educated guess.

Off topic but of note is the source of this info: the Indiana Jones Kickstarter. It's actually a pretty awesome idea which would follow Indiana Jones' daughter looking for her missing father. Scaia, who co-wrote the Y: The Last Man script, and an impressive cast and crew are hoping to make episode one of a series that would then spark interest in continuing the story. And if this guy was good enough for George Lucas, and to contribute to such important and mysterious Star Wars mythology, I'm all for that.

Do you think we'll ever see Star Wars Underworld? Do you need answers to these questions?