LOL: Star Trek Motion Stabilized Ruins The Space Attack Illusion

When the USS Enterprise was hit with an enemy attack, it would rock the entire starship, throwing crew members over equipment and to the floor. Most people know the effect on the old Star Trek television series didn't have the budget to put the set on a shaker, and the old school movie magic effect was created simply by shaking the camera and have the actors throw themselves around the set as if the room was in sudden movement. Of course, the internet is having fun with this, creating a new reddit subreddit called r/StarTrekStabilized where they put the old television footage through image stabilization software to show you the funny truth behind the filming. Hit the jump to see more Star Trek motion stabilized gif images.

Star Trek Motion Stabilized

Someone compiled a bunch of the image stabilized clips in a music video called "Turn Down for Spock", which features the song "Turn Down for What" by DJ Snake and Lil Jon:

You can see more motion stabilized Star Trek gif images on r/startrekstabilized

Here is a tutorial on how you can join in on the fun and use motion stabilization on your own Star Trek video footage.

via: GammaSquad