Who Will Direct 'Ant-Man'? [Updated]

A week has passed since the upsetting bombshell news that Edgar Wright had left Marvel's Ant-Man. In that time, speculation and fact have blurred as fans tried to figure out how one of the most successful companies in Hollywood could suddenly go in a different direction from the talented, exciting director who had been working on the film for years.

Eventually, the discussion turned to Wright's replacement. Though rumors and speculation have also been flying all week, it seems three men are at the top of Marvel's list. They are Rawson ThurberAdam McKay and Ruben Fleischer. Read more about the potential Ant Man directors below.

Update: The Wrap claims that Rawson Thurber is now the first choice to direct Ant-Man. The site has no confirmation, and Marvel isn't commenting, so we'll have to wait for more official info.Update 2, June 3: Days after the drama that saw Adam McKay go into talks and then abruptly back out, there's a report that Rawson Thurber has also passed on the movie. So out of the original shortlist of three replacement directors for Edgar Wright is down to one, Ruben Fleischer, and Ant-Man has become the movie no one seems to want to touch.

The original story follows.

The Hollywood Reporter dropped the news of this potential short list.

Rawson Thurber

Rawson Thurber directed last year's surprise hit, We're the Millers. He's expected to do the sequel to that film as well as a Choose Your Own Adventure adaptation, but if he's being considered for this, it says neither of those scripts are ready.

Adam McKay

Adam McKay is a man who needs no introduction. The comedic genius helmed Anchorman, its sequel, Step Brothers and so many other hilarious comedies. Like any director of his status, McKay has a ton of irons in the fire including an Uptown Saturday Night remake, a Michael Lewis adaptation and Border Guards to name a few.

Ruben Fleischer

Ruben Fleischer last directed Gangster Squad, but made a name for himself with the action comedies Zombieland and 30 Minutes or Less. He's attached to direct a Spy Hunter film and recently was attached to a sleepover film called Overnight for Disney.

That very last bit leads me to believe Fleischer might be the front runner here. He's already been working with Disney and has more experience with action comedy than the other two. Even if he doesn't direct, it's pretty obvious from this group Marvel wants someone with very mainstream comedic sensibilities. Which is ironic considering the recent Edgar Wright video essay that hit the net suggests his comedic directing skills far outweigh anything mainstream.

What do you think of this list? Do you agree Fleischer sounds like the best fit?