Superhero Bits: Batman V Superman, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Secret Service, X-Men Days Of Future Past

Want to read detailed breakdowns of the new Guardians of the Galaxy and Kingsman: The Secret Service trailers? How can you watch 50 animated episodes of The New Adventures of Batman and The New Adventures of Superman? Does Jason Momoa like all the DC superhero rumors? Want to see Craig Drake's take on Elektra? Does Jesse Eisenberg realize how Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is going to change his life? Is there a Twitter account parodying that title? And what's David Goyer saying about She-Hulk? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.


Poster artist Craig Drake has a great Elektra poster going up for sale tomorrow at Mondo. It's a 24"x36" screen print in an edition of 275, for $50.

A new video showcasing Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes via Coming Soon.

A new Twitter account appeared mysteriously today: @DawnOJustice, which claims to be "handling next year's landmark Batman v. Superman Case."

Guardians Bobbleheads

These Guardians of the Galaxy bobble heads are pretty awesome.

MTV talked to Jesse Eisenberg about playing Lex Luthor in Batman V Superman and he talked about how it'll change his life.Guardians of the Galaxy poster header fullEmpire has an awesome breakdown of the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.They also did a breakdown of Kingsman: The Secret Service with director Matthew Vaughn.

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F*ck, Marry, Kill X-Men Style via MTV. examines the Dawn of Justice title and the instant hated the internet spews.

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New Adventures Batman

"Warner Archive Instant is now streaming 50 animated episodes of The New Adventures of Batman & The New Adventures of Superman, with the animated Aquaman series making its debut this June." Visit

Jason Momoa told Yahoo he's tired of all the DC superhero rumors.

A new gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight.

David Goyer appeared on John August's Summer Superhero podcast and had some terrible stuff to say about She-Hulk and more. Read more at The Mary Sue and listen here.

Here's the international version of the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.

A new image from the Avengers: Age of Ultron set gives our best look yet at Hawkeye's costume.

This is several years old but Unique Daily called it to our attention. An awesome Batman Tumbler Go kart.

Looks like the Kent Farm from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is up and ready to go.