Watch: The Creation Of 'Godzilla's Roar And The "Halo Jump" Skydiving Sequence

Godzilla destroyed at the box office over the weekend, and Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have begun to release some cool behind the scenes videos to explain the creation of the movie magic we saw on screen.

First up, New York Times got director Gareth Edwards to narrate over the "Halo Jump" skydiving sequence (which was heavily seen in the film's promotion) for their awesome Anatomy of a Scene video feature. Secondly, Yahoo talked to sound designers Erik Aadahl and Ethan Van der Ryn to get details about how they created the Godzilla roar. You can watch both of these videos embedded after the jump.

Godzilla "Halo Jump" Skydiving Sequence explained in NYT's Anatomy of a Scene

The Creation of the Godzilla Roar

How did they create the monster's roar? The sound designers refused to even tell filmmaker Gareth Edwards what went into the mix until after the film was locked, because they didn't want him to judge it based on that knowledge.