Rumored 'Jurassic World' Plot Promises Dino-On-Dino Action

Even as shooting gets underway, confirmed details on the Jurassic World plot are still pretty scarce. But unconfirmed Jurassic World details aren't too difficult to find in the wilds of the Internet.

A new report today offers tons of juicy tidbits about the story, including specifics about Chris Pratt's character. Hit the jump to find out what we might be seeing in Jurassic World. Possible spoilers follow.

With those caveats in mind, the site has heard that Jurassic World will be the name of a popular theme park featuring real-life dinosaurs. The trouble begins when the people running the park get over-ambitious and try to splice dino DNA with other species. One particularly successful T-Rex / raptor / snake / cuttlefish hybrid gets loose and begins terrorizing the park.

Fortunately, the humans have at least a few creatures on their side:

According to our source, there will be lots of Dino on Dino fighting, as some of the Dinos are "good guys" that are trained by Chris Pratt's character. The raptors and T-Rex are among the "trained" good dinosaurs. The big bad dinosaur has instant camouflage abilities, like the cuttlefish, so he blends into the background, is smart like the velociraptor, uses his jaw like a snake, and can terrorize like the T-Rex. Does this mean the new dino will be the ONLY "bad" one? Or will there be more than one? Unconfirmed, but it will be the catalyst that kicks off the peril.

For even more info, including details on the park, read the full report over at JoBlo.

If true, this sounds like a pretty promising setup. It has the potential to deliver on the same thrills that made the first Jurassic Park a hit, while offering enough of a new spin to keep the film from feeling like a mere retread. But that's still a big if, because Universal is keeping everything under tight wraps.

Jurassic World is being directed by Colin Trevorrow and stars Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Omar Sy, Jake Johnson, and B.D. Wong. It opens June 12, 2015.