Photo: Day One Of 'Star Wars 7' Filming Begins [UPDATED WITH SECOND PHOTO]

The first photo has been released from the set of JJ Abrams' Star Wars Episode VII, on the first day of principal photography. The photo shows the Star Wars Episode 7 clapboard with a makeshift Episode 7 logo (no subtitle or working title).

UPDATE: A second photo has now been added.

The photo was released via  Bad Robot's twitter account. The film clapboard is dated May 16th 2014 and features the names of the director (JJ Abrams) and the Cinematographer Daniel Mindel. Filmmaker Joseph Kahn offers some insight into some of the technical markings on the slate:

ND 6 bringing down two stops to a 5.6 stop. Probably long anamorphic lens on close up.  5.6 is a high stop for spherical lenses, but ok for slow anamorphics, especially if looking for more depth of field on close ups.  If shooting on 200 ASA film stock, base exposure at 11 might indicate a lot of light and it's an exterior. You're welcome, nerds.

Also notice the sprinkle of sand over the clapboard, maybe a hint at which location they are filming. No other relevant information seems to be available.

It might be worth noting that the photo was taken, edited and tweeted from an iphone — my point is that it was not professionally taken. Also it doesn't appear to be a calculated release. The photo went out on the Bad Robot twitter account, not the official Star Wars twitter account. All this gives me hope that JJ and Disney might be giving fans a bigger peak into the mystery box this time around. I would be so happy if the Bad Robot posted daily or weekly behind the scenes photos aka Edgar Wright. We've seen in the past that when a studio or filmmaker provides fans with content, they don't go searching for spoilers and unofficial set photos.

Exciting times guys, a new Star Wars movie is being filmed right now as you read this! Now we only have to wait 581 days until Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters nationwide.

UPDATE: Not only did the Star Wars Twitter tweet the above photo, their Facebook put up this image.

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